SCUBA diving has been a very important aspect of my life for the last 20 years. It has opened my eyes to incredible possibilities. It has shown me a world of wonder and adventure. It has terrified me and mesmerized me. It has brought me together with people and helped me to create incredible friendships. It has taken me to the far corners of the globe and face to face with fantastic creatures and life.

I have been diving since 1994 and I have been a Master SCUBA Diver Trainer since 2002. I have certified hundreds of new divers. I specialize and thrive on wreck diving and studying the history of those sites. I have literally fallen asleep on the floor of the ocean (in the shallows of course) because it is so relaxing, and I have been up close in personal with more pelagic sharks, from great whites to nurse sharks, than I can count.


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