For years people have been asking me, “But what is it that you do?” and for all of those years, each time I was asked that I have had to pause … for a long moment … jut to figure it out for myself. Then I would pick the answer that I felt the asker would be most comfortable with, or understand the best.

In reality, I have no idea what I do. I simply have no idea how to answer that question anymore.

I do know that I hate to be bored.

  • I have started several businesses, some retail, some consulting, some professional services … some were successful. Most were not. I would say that I am 60/40 when it comes to small business success (which is actually pretty good).
  • I have helped to found two public charities (one a fantastic flop, the other a current success), and I have been able to help and advise others on how to start and succeed at their own businesses (this has been very rewarding).
  • I have been a martial arts teacher, a SCUBA instructor, and a soldier.
  • I have been an EMT and a Medical First Aid and Emergency First Responder Instructor.
  • I have worked for large aerospace and defense companies and managed massive logistics programs.
  • I have directed and guided small defense contracting agencies doing cutting edge scientific work.
  • I have created international outreach programs for defense cooperation and security studies.
  • I have written and published children’s books and sci-fi novels as well as contributed poetry to anthologies.
  • I invest in residential real estate and do property development.
  • I am a blacksmith, a silversmith … and most importantly … I am a husband, a father and a grandfather.

… so what am I? Anything but bored. Really though, no one should be. It is all a matter of perspective.