Written from 1990 to 1995, Eden Be Damned is a legacy of pride and arrogance leftover from my youth. It is a compilation of irregular poetry and short stories aimed at younger readers.

At the time I was writing this book I had just separated from the Army and I was focused on examining the assumed differences and separation between man, nature, and god and questioning the validity of those assumptions. Clearly, I was working out some anger issues at the time.

The stories are intended to be spoken aloud not read in silence. I believed at the time that silence hindered self-examination. I felt that the rhythm and tambour of spoken verse force a kind of admission that helps promote a more open form of examination.

Eden Be Damned is organized into a section of verse followed by a section of pros. The style of verse presented focuses on storytelling. Each poem is a complete story, each story a complete poem.

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