Chaos Planner & Daily Organizer

Our days are growing more and more chaotic. This handy little chaos planner will help you to rack and stack your day, and help you to approach your tasks with an improved attitude! This planner brings chaos under control and provides:

  • Top priorities for the day
  • Must not forget list for the day
  • Half-hourly schedule and appointment setter
  • Notes, thoughts, and memos
  • Password finder reminder puzzle

THE CHAOS PLANNER will help you figure out what you strive for in life, create your personal vision, define and break down your long- and short-term goals, and incorporate them into your daily life. Stop procrastinating, start turning your dreams into reality and create your best life!

STAY ORGANIZED, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS –If you have a tight schedule or need to keep track of meetings and classes, the Chaos Planner & Daily Organizer is the hourly planner you were looking for. The daily schedule with 8 AM to 8 PM time slots is perfect for planning appointments and events.

IMPROVE WORK-LIFE BALANCE, BUILD NEW HABITS & FEEL HAPPIER – This week and day planner will help you become your best self and achieve all your life goals. Adopt healthy habits & positive daily rituals and stick to them with the habit tracker section of the planner. Incorporate gratitude and affirmation techniques for an inspired everyday life. Improve with the weekly and monthly reflection sections. This is the perfect productivity and time management planner for everyone!

Password Finder Puzzle

Are you like most of us? Constantly forgetting your passwords? Constantly struggling to come up with MEMORABLE … yet long and complex passwords every 30 to 90 days for a host of applications and user accounts?

Well never forget a password again with our two-factor Password Finder. Use the Password Finder to identify multiple complex passwords up to 14 characters. All with a combination of UPPER CASE, lower case, numbers, and $pecial characters. Have fun finding the hidden passwords that we have buried within the Password Finder and then using the reference codes identified for each as a great reminder tool (far safer than saving them as “Shopping List” notes on your phone or on a sticky note in your desk drawer!). We have created 17 passwords in the Password Finder Puzzle, but there are a host of possible (and bizarre) password combinations there for you to discover. Part of the fun is that there is no wrong answer in the Password Puzzle Finder!



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